Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Letting Nat stay up

We've been letting Nat stay up till nine, since he seems to be growing out of needing twelve hours of sleep. We could tell this by the way we would put him to bed at eight, and he would come down every ten minutes until ten, and drive us crazy. So, we gave in, and he can stay up if he helps us clean up and does quiet things with us. We're reading Prince Caspian, and it's been really nice having the quiet time for reading. A lot of the time our house is so loud and busy that me sitting down with a child and a book is a signal for everyone else to jump on top, start wrestling, or proffer more books right into my face while screaming. So we're making much better progress since it's just me and Nat, and I think he's really enjoying the attention and the feeling of being more grown up.

Last night we didn't do reading. Last night Nat and Geoff and I had a very special date to watch The LEGO Movie, which I saw in theatre with the boys, but Geoff hadn't seen yet. It was a really nice thing. A lot of the time I feel like my relationship with Nathaniel is defined by medical struggles and frustration about his behaviour, and I think that the evening time is helping to ground all three of us in what we actually enjoy doing together- drawing, reading, talking. It's a wonderful thing, even when it's cutting into Geoff's and my Inappropriate for Children TV Time.

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