Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lunch and conversation

Yesterday at lunch Nat wanted to know why the planets had names like Mars and Pluto, so I explained that they were named after the Roman gods, who were pretty much identical to the Greek gods. When we got to Pluto I re-told all of them the story of Hades and Persephone and Demeter. Thomas was listening, too. Nat's being reading himself a book about the solar system, and his conversation is becoming peppered with questions about planets and stars.

We moved on to talking about density and buoyancy, and everyone played name a dense/not dense object.

Nat's reading is taking fire. He came down at ten last night complaining that he needed more books in his room, and we told him it was time to go to sleep, no matter how much he wants to read. He's abruptly up at simple chapter book level. Geoff and I are still meeting each other's eyes and giggling whenever we hear him reading.

Thomas is actually sitting for stories a bit more, and his counting is becoming a lot less humorously random. He can count to ten missing only one number in the middle. I'm not sure he's got one to one correspondence because we haven't done a lot of manipulative yet, but it's coming.

We went to the splash pad all morning and I took the boys to the museum yesterday afternoon for a short visit, and we saw the China's Forbidden City exhibit, which was pretty nerve-wracking because Thomas+ancient expensive artifacts= destruction. They liked parts of it, but generally thought it was boring except for the child emperors. The very more horrifying moment was on the way out in the gift shop when Thomas pushed at a $700 reproduction Ming vase so it wobbled. He's still alive.

We retired with relief to the Life Sciences and children's area, where we always have fun.

Today, library and farmer's market and picnic, and then home to collapse for a couple of hours. Good times.

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Melanie Bettinelli said...

I can't wait till Sophie gets to the read to herself stage. She's reading me picture books now, but hasn't quite got to the point of reading them to herself. For Bella... I'm seriously starting to research dyslexia.