Sunday, June 08, 2014

Only student

I was the only one who turned up for Foundation of Bellydance class yesterday, which was great, because it meant that I got private instruction on things that I've lost during my seven year dance hiatus. I also learned about a couple of things I've been doing wrong for fifteen years, which is frustrating and also fun. We did basic shimmy, shoulder shimmy (doing it wrong for fifteen years!) and two types of vertical figure eights, which look like this:

Except I think she actually does it wrong, because you shouldn't lift your heels. Feet stay on the floor, use your knees and abs, woman! The vertical figure eights are something I've kind of lost.

After class I ran home, shredded twenty pounds of pork, and we went to the block party, which was full of food and children running around with water guns and sidewalk chalk paint and general craziness. Geoff dedicated himself to keeping the girls from running into the street, which was a huge task.

We have lots of pork left over. I forsee a week filled with pulled pork sandwiches. Mostly for me and Thomas, because we're the only sane family members. No one else really likes pulled pork.


Stuart said...

I really like pulled pork!
Does that make me sane?

lissla lissar said...

Yes. That is clearly the marker of sanity.