Sunday, June 15, 2014


I promise I'll get out my dress form sometime this week and take more pictures of the dress and also blog about reading and do a lot of other fun things. Right now I want to put up pictures of the epic trip I took to the museum, with all four kids and no extra adults. I am still so impressed with myself.


The boys ran to the doors. I had to run to keep from losing Thomas

Look! I was there, too! I didn't send them on their own

Mim meets a coelocanth

Elizabeth and the giant squid

Mim quietly observing

I only let one of the girls out of stroller or carrier at a time, because I am not completely crazy. Nat was a little miffed that I could follow him all the time when he wanted to show me things, because I was following whichever girl was loose.

Elizabeth wants her very own giant ground sloth

So does Nat

That's Elizabeth's normal expression. Lunchtime!

The Philosopher's Walk,

I really need to take a picnic and eat it on the Philosopher's Walk, which is a beautiful grassy and tree-filled path between the Royal Ontario Museum and the Conservatory of Music, leading down to University of Toronto campus. 

It was a rousing success, and I only got snippy near the end, when we were waiting at the bus station and Thomas was rolling around on the ground, which is filthy. My favourite part was probably watching the girls with the dinosaurs, especially when we wer leaving and Elizabeth waved and called, "Bye bye dinos! Bye bye!".

I can do this. I can do long trips with all the kids, solo. Rawr.


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lissla lissar said...

This time we didn't go in the gift shop with the $700 vase that Thomas tried to push over. We are going to steer clear of anything with ceramics or glass.