Monday, June 30, 2014

Truly incredible

It's amazing how little I can get done now that the girls don't nap. I have the general benefit of mostly sort of sleeping through the night, but now I have no uninterrupted child-free blocks of time aside from possibly a half hour in the morning. Right now I'm tired from traveling, and overwhelmed because I need to do a lot of planning about my parents and the geriatric psychiatrist appointment on Wednesday. I know I'll feel better once I've eaten and had a relatively quiet day, but I'm thinking right now about all the ways my attention is constantly divided and pulled. I am trying to make lists of next actions, but even that is hard when I can be interrupted at any minute.

My mother is pretty much no longer able to cook, which means we need to do something to insure they won't starve. She also is having trouble remembering and dialing phone numbers, and that is flat out terrifying. Geoff managed with the girls over the weekend, but he ran into the problem of Getting Anything Done with Both Girls, and the house is very untidy and pretty dirty (not his fault!). I need quiet time to think, and I'm not sure I'm going to get any before possibly next weekend, when Geoff takes the boys to Napanee. Today I need to run four loads of laundry, phone the landlord about the odd possible dead rodent smell coming from the dryer, feed all the children at ten minute intervals, and possibly do some reading and drawing with Nat. It's going to be very hot and possibly thunderstorming today and Canada Day (tomorrow). I'm trying not to despair because it feels like I should at least get the house under control before I tackle any of the other problems, but realistically that is not going to happen.

And now I've used my five minutes to blog and think instead of getting dressed and eating, and I should throw clothes on before we go venturing to the grocery store.

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Anonymous said...

My friend, it seems like someone needs to remind you that when you do your best, as you always preform at, it's really all that is needed and more than good enough. Avoir du courage, my Grandma has always repeated. You are in my thoughts.