Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Certificate of Achievement

We haven't been doing Nat's reading lessons regularly for the past few months, but I was organizing some of the pile of school and drawing books yesterday and I noticed it under the pile, and then I thought, I wonder how far into this Nat can read easily. So I asked him to read a page from 3/4 of the way through, and it was a breeze. We flipped to the end (there was argument. Nat wanted to go do something else) and he read the last two pages, and I congratulated him. Two pages farther towards the back, we found this, which I filled out.

We talked about how great it was that he could read, and how proud I was of him, and then I got curious about his actual reading level, because the book doesn't specify, so we looked up lists of sight words by grad, and found Nat can read all of the Dolch sight words up to grade three. So I feel perfectly justified in talking the summer off, and by taking the summer off I mean worrying that I am an inadequate teacher.

I picked The Reading Lesson last October after seeing it at my friend Alicia's house. We didn't start from the beginning, because obsessive time on Starfall had already taught Nat a lot of phonics. Every chapter introduces a couple of new sounds, and incorporates words that use those sounds into short, and then longer and lots, sentences. We mostly didn't use the word lists for drill because Nat is WAY more willing to read stories than lists, and I don't blame him. So all winter we did sentences aloud, and when spring came he was staying up late reading, and reading aloud to his brother and sisters. It's like magic.

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