Monday, July 28, 2014

I am actually cold

In July. Not complaining, mind you. Yesterday was a long afternoon at the zoo, in the bright hot sunshine. Today is cool, rainy, bread baking and laundry and meal and homeschool planning. I bought ten pounds of black beans at an amazing Middle Eastern grocery store on Saturday (fresh pita! We watched while it was made!) and those are going to figure in our dinners.

I'm restraining my desire to make my life better and more organized by buying things. I've noticed it doesn't work as well as using things I already have. So, a week of pantry meals and reading aloud books that we already have and playing with toys we already own and ignoring that most of my favourite shirts have developed holes. I'll deal with that next week.,


Anne Kennedy said...

I'm cold too, in July, and battling back the rage of it.

lissla lissar said...

Really? I hate heat. I am happy between chilly and mildly warm. You're from a hot place and are one of those People Who Enjoy Sweating, right?