Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I would be more together this morning

If Elizabeth hadn't had two screaming tantrums at three and four a.m. respectively. And I would fear going outside less if it wasn't a high of 37C. By the time we get back from the farmers' market I am going to be dripping and cranky mama.

Tonight I am going to tell my parents that I have found a retirement home close to their house, and that I think they should move in in September. There are all sorts of things to worry about with this- if they'll say yes, how they'll adjust, if Mum will deteriorate more once she's there (the home only takes people who are somewhat able to manage) but if I can get them in a settled and relatively happy it will be a huge weight off my mind having them in a place where a lot of the chores are done and they have more community.

We've (Geoff and I, my aunt, our friend Jocelyn) also discussed moving into their house and paying rent to them to help defray the cost. I profoundly don't want to move- I love our neighbourhood and I love our house. Well, I mostly love our house, except for the terribly designed kitchen and creaky stairs. But if we lived there we could help them financially, and they would have freedom to come visit. So there are pluses, but the idea of leaving our home and moving back into my childhood home (which will need LOTS OF FIXING UP) makes my stomach drop a lot.

To compensate for stress I am re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring, which i haven't read in ten years. Ten years ago I had it all pretty much memorized and gave up on re-reading because I couldn't see the words on the page through my memories of previous reads. This time there are things I've forgotten, and it feels both familiar and new.

Yesterday Nat and I went to his clinic, and Geoff's stepmom came in and then took us out for lunch to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant, in the heart of Chinatown. It was a good clinic visit and a lovely lunch, and all along the street in Chinatown little old ladies and gentlemen had set up a box or a couple of crate and had bunches of mint or cilantro or purslane or amaranth to sell. I want to go back and get pictures. It was so cool. I used to hang out around there all the time, twenty years ago, and it's thrilling to introduce my children to the more interesting parts of our city.
Nat on art

Nat and giant sculpture at the Art Gallery of Ontario
Versus the mango shake

Exotic fruit brought home for the family!

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