Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Lunch and dinner

For lunch Geoff and I had a salad with homemade croutons and fried eggs on top. It was very yummy and I will do it again. Our disappointing boring children had chicken nuggets, which was okay because there were only three eggs and I didn't want to share.

 Dinner, after an awesome playdate with Madeleine (and Jocelyn, her mum) was chicken and black bean tacos, which several of us liked. Some of the less worthwhile people in our family chose to have plain cheese on a tortilla. Oh well, more for me tomorrow for breakfast.

Does anyone else feel stumped by summer cooking? We don't have a grill and I am trying to come up with dinner ideas that can be packed as leftover lunches (which means not sandwiches) but that don't heat the house up or make me go, Oh No, Pasta Again.

Also, only a few food nerds will understand my excitement, but one of the pernicious weeds that's been infesting my garden is the yummy and nutritious lambsquarters! So I have two very useful and prolific wild plants in my yard, now. Purslane is the other one. If I could persuade some common mallow to take over the back weed patch part it would be perfect.

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