Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today I stay home, do laundry, entertain the children, and refuse to worry. We will stay home because sometime today Teksavvy is supposed to come and do something or other to the phone or possibly the internet. I am not sure, but I have instructions to stay put.

My parents were not keen on the retirement home we visited yesterday, but I refuse to spend today convulsed with anxiety. We have friends coming over for dinner and I have a quiet day planned, full of the girls in their new play kitchen and the boys running in the back yard. Oh, and trying to figure out what all the stuff in my fridge is. So, busy, but NOT FULL OF WORRY.


Anonymous said...

Right on! Im supposed to get acouch today too, so im excited too! No worries, hun! Its just because it's new and I would be scared. For me, it would take a little sedativeto get mesettled into a place i really dont want to be so your parents, I feel, will see reason. They always have. I am soso glad your kids are establishing a foundarion for you to focus on the littlethings that are so important (and theyre importat to them, so there, kinda thing.. ;). I think of these things I would be saying to my little girl all the time, you seem to be one of theh most wellfocused parents Iknow. Miss talkin wicha, my friend.

lissla lissar said...

Thanks, Sheila. I wish I could believe that my parents will see reason, but I am very sad to say I don't think they will. Because both of them, but especially my mother, have lost the ability to reason. She can't understand long term plans, and she can only see fear ahead, if I suggest changes.

I appreciate all the thoughts and the prayers.