Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The cavalry are here

Geff's mum got here on Friday, and my cousin (in from Vancouver) came over yesterday and announced that his only commitment is to go to the gym every other day, so put him to work, please. In the last few days we have bought, returned, bought, returned, and finally installed a TV for my parents, done two huge grocery runs, gotten lots of prepared food for Mum and Dad, organized the basement and decided to throw most of our stockpile of ugly broken furniture out (glory hallelujah!), and yesterday took all four children plus Nat's friend Madeleine and her dad to the zoo.

That was badly written. Okay, yesterday Geoff's mum Marjorie, Kevin, and I, took Kevin's daughter Madeleine and all four of our munchkins to the zoo. The zoo is an hour away by transit- Marjorie drove the girls. It was glorious. There were small meltdowns but the weather was perfect, not too hot, and we were there and trekking from ten-thirty till three. Thomas didn't try to hug any peacocks, we saw the penguins being fed, and I will remember forever Miriam sitting in front of a huge fish tank, in her stroller, opening her arms wide and saying, "I love ALL the fishies!". Elizabeth was apoplectic with excitement about the turtles.

Nat and Thomas and Madeleine were a pack, running about fifteen yards ahead at all times.

It was wonderful.

Today was going to be farmer's market, but the rain is pouring down, so we'll stay home this morning, and in the afternoon I take the girls to be weighed. Tomorrow is Mum's geriatric psych appointment, and we'll see if Geoff can drive them and if we can meet Tyson for lunch, to reintroduce him to my parents.


Anonymous said...

Im so haopy and grateful to hear how things are going! Thank you again thos priviledge.

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