Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Today I am still getting over being very sick (a sickness I attribute directly to my body giving out from stress), but lo it is farmer's market and library day, so I am going to haul my children from their beds and walk them over. And we will buy fruit and possibly vegetables. When we return I will be very hot and tired and cross and not want to make lunch. I'm still (see: stress) not very interested in eating, but i will probably make some peanut butter sandwiches or something. Yesterday I came into the kitchen partway through lunch to find Elizabeth standing on a chair applying peanut butter to bread.

Sticky oily toddlers.

I need to find within myself the courage to go through the fridge and figure out what to make for the next few days. Since I am not interested in food, this is actually pretty hard. I feel like we can just eat fruit and sliced veg, possibly sauteed, and hot dogs or hamburgers until September sometimes, except I still need something like pasta a few days a week so I can pack lunches for Geoff. Hamburgers don't really make good leftover-away-from-work lunches.

I need to figure out some way to organize people getting meals to my parents. I'm not sure I can coordinate it myself. Must think about this.

The marvelous wonderful housecleaner that we can't afford is coming on Friday, so we'll do a preemptive de-junking on Thursday, and maybe for a few blissful days our house will be pretty clean. I'm wondering if, during our current crisis, whether we should see if she can come slightly more often. I don't really mind organizing and decluttering, but when I am very upset and trying to manage a whole lot of other things I do NOT find cleaning soothing unless I can do it uninterrupted i.e. practically never. So I think that might be something on the list to outsource.

Heigh-ho, time to rouse the children.

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