Thursday, July 17, 2014

Zoo trip

On Monday, Geoff's Mom (Marjorie) and our neighbour and his daughter and me and all the children went to the zoo. Whew. Marjorie drove the girls, and Kevin and I took the three older kids on the subway. It's an hour trip on transit and only forty minutes by car. Long. We had a fabulous time, there was only one meltdown (by Nat), and we saw thousands of animals and walked for three or four hours. Still lots to see, so another trip is being planned soon.
Kevin and girls at the entrance, ready to go

Nat, Madeleine, and macaques

Metal orangutan


Elizabeth wants to cuddle the tiger

No, Elizabeth

Mim versus rocks

Elizabeth versus rocks

Lunch plus peacock

Thomas and his Ummi


Penguin feeding time!

Thomas ascendent! A climbable zoo truck

Madeleine trying to organize the boys for a picture


Melanie Bettinelli said...

How fun!

It looks like Elizabeth's hair is getting long, but Mim's is still short. Or is that just the angle?

lissla lissar said...

That's exactly right. Miriam's hair is much shorter. I suspect it's related to lack of calories. Her hair is very slowly growing in, but it's still very thin and short compared to Elizabeth's enormous bouncy curls.