Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Adult museum trip

Geoff and I went to the ROM on our own today. Wow.
Detail of an 1880s shoulder cape, metal beading and embroidery

18th Century man's cut velvet coat, self covered buttons

Coptic embroidery, probably based on a Greek or Roman myth

Detail of Coptic child's baptism tunic

Note the dragon St. George is spearing

Curtain fragment, Egyptian post- Islam

Ice bucket belonging to Grand Duchess Olga, who apparently lived in Ontario most of her life. Cool

Tiffany lamp

Geoff calls this the Escaping Baby Jesus Madonna


16th English bedroom

Same room

There was a whole section, era by era, of household objects and rooms arranged by time, with the appropriate furniture and oddments. The above is from the English bedroom, Tudor era. There were also Jacobean, Roccoco, Regency, and Victorian. So cool.

Marie de Medici, late Elizabethan

18th Century household altar

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