Monday, August 25, 2014


On Saturday night, Nat jumped on my glasses. The arms broke off.

I don't have a replacement pair of decent ones, so I am now in my older glasses- wrong prescription, and the lenses literally fall out several times a day. Yesterday I reached for them as I was getting out of the shower, and the lenses fell out, and one of the screws rolled under the vanity where I can't get it. So now they're also wired together with part of a stripped twist tie.

My brain is trying to re-wire itself to deal with the changes, but I have headaches and blurred vision and it feels like the world is spinning left. Depth perception is screwy. I'm pretty okay at home but, even though this feels histrionic, I am not going out alone with the kids this week, and Geoff is taking this week off as part of his vacation time, because I get dizzy and am not very useful, plus if I lose a lens when I'm out with the kids, I'd be stranded. i can't see well enough to get us home.

On the tiny bright side, this is my cousin's last full week in Toronto, and if we can borrow the car from my parents, Geoff and I will be able to do a lot of things together that we'd been putting off, like buying new chairs, and doing some cleaning and organizing. By that I mean, me sitting down feeling dizzy while everyone else cleans and organizes. Sigh.

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