Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Important things!

Well, okay, not important things. My cousin and our babysitter have taken ALL THE CHILDREN away for an hour, and I have been cleaning out the fridge and the freezer while I blast Assemblage 23 and think about meals. We have lots and lots of food, but most of it I don't want to eat because I don't feel like cooking most of the time now. Still, I will persevere, and there will be meals.

I do want to eat. The Montreal all-you-can-eat poutine restaurant is opening next week, and I want to go. I can feel summer slipping away- it's almost Buskerfest, I want to take the kids to the Exhibition this year, all the late-summer flowers are blooming. It'll be September soon. We've started a slow and leisurely school year, full of arguing about obvious education, and enthusiasm about non-obvious education. We still haven't acquired a pen and paper math curriculum, but that can wait, since we're working on spelling and reading and geography right now.

The relative quiet is unnerving. I think I'll go lie on the couch and bask in it.

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