Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not today

Farmers' market day, and there's 70% chance of thunderstorms plus a grey and drippy sky. I don't think we're going much of anywhere, unless we need meat or something from the store, which is possible, because I seem to have collected a whole house full of food with no clear idea what to do with it. I keep staring at it hopelessly and then going back to the hot dogs and the frozen chicken fingers. I have ten pounds of black bean, frozen chicken stock, frozen mixed vegetables, a couple of cans of tomatoes. Rice. Flour. Sour cherries, lots and lots of a Bolognese sauce I made that Geoff thought tasted oniony and won't eat. Just a lot of stuff with no clear purpose. Yesterday as I put dinner on the table all the children simultaneously started to complain and cry. This might be why I don't want to do the cooking.

I don't know about how it is for other people, but the effort of all the planning exhausts me. I want to just open the fridge and find many meals already prepared, instead of all sorts of little pieces with no clear purpose. Also i have four extra people for dinner tonight, so... black bean soup? Takeout? Thaw the Bolognese and mix it with bechemel to do a pasta casserole? I am full of food acedia!


Anne Kennedy said...

Me too. Me so so so much too.

lissla lissar said...

Oh, good! It's not just me. That's really uplifting to know.