Friday, August 22, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Officially Official

1. We sent in the official form letter to the school board this week, saying that Nathaniel will be homeschooled this year. We don't have to do it for Thomas, because he'd be entering junior kindergarten, and it's not compulsory. So now we're all committed.

2. This makes it even more compelling when I'm telling Nat, "Look, either you can do five minutes of letter copying, or you can go to school and sit for eight hours a day." Okay, I know the hyperbolic threats are full of hyperbole, but they also work, because he is a kid who is good at self interest, and if he were away for eight hours a day he would be missing Lego and Minecrift time. So he does it.

3. I should probably order the rest of the books I was going to use for curriculum, right? That seems like a good idea. I want to get some more books of poetry and history to strew around. I'm getting The Barefoot Book of Poetry, but I'm still looking for colourful history books that we can read intermittently and leave around being tempting. Any suggestions?

4. Last Saturday I went out to the new fancy poutine place with my cousin. We only got three orders, which I think was pretty restrained. Mine had filet mignon on it. His had bacon, sausage, and ground beef. I think there might have been a vegetable someone included. After we ate we went used book shopping, and I accidentally bought books.

We ate it all
5. It's been a good couple of weeks for trips. We had the museum yesterday, and an epic Zoo trip last week 
Mim on the zoo train
Full of grizzly bears and trips on the zoomobile and happy peacocks. It was a good trip.

There's a South East Asian festival tomorrow afternoon not too far from us. I'm thinking we'll go to it, since Geoff is gone most of Saturday for a grading, and this way we can listen to Indian music and watch belly dance and (most importantly) feed everyone dinner at the festival so I don't have to cook. And I'm going to take the boys to the Canadian National Exhibition this week. All of this is our last burst of summer, before we go into hiding for winter.

6. I've been re-reading Sailing to Sarantium, as I mentioned, but next up is a friend's unpublished novel. I'm looking forward to it, even though I'll be reading it off my phone, which will make me even more iPhone-attached than usual. 

7. Today will be an exciting day filled with going to the grocery store and coming home. I'm still pretty tired from yesterday, hoiking the twenty-pound toddler in the Ergo for five hours, and being resolutely educational at the children while they were protesting the Greek and Roman sections of the museum. So today is laundry and housework and trying to work out a meal plan day. Books and Phineas and Ferb and drawing and Lego. 

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