Sunday, August 31, 2014

Still blind

My new glasses haven't come in, so I still can't see very well. What I primarily notice is that it causes a low level frustration that makes me want to give up before I start. Constant irritation. I'm really hoping the new ones come Tuesday and my vision is restored.

We got the official response from the school board, acknowledging that we're going to home school. So I guess we're now extra super committed, and I solemnly vow not to have screen time in the morning anymore, unless I am dying, or for at least two weeks. I'll tell the children it's just no more, but give myself an out for illness or toddlers waking three hours too early. Since school starts in a couple of days I think we'll step up the Khan Academy and letter practice, and head to the library. I want to do the museum once or twice a week, and the library every two weeks. This year I will try not to accrue enormous library fines. It will help if we don't have another brutal winter filled with snow and constant stomach flu.

The rest of the week will be filled with reading aloud, probably science videos, and looking for a retirement home for my parents, because the doctor wants them out of their house in the next two months. I am working on not dissolving into a pile of stress. I need to find, visit, take parents for visit, pack all their things, drink a lot of wine, and generally hyperventilate.

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Anonymous said...

Remember: you are not alone. Lots of people love you and still pray for you, among the rest of your family. Try to trust, even though it seems awkward. You are in my thoughts, my friend.