Saturday, August 16, 2014

Still here and alive and full

Well, less full now. Geoff and the boys are away till tomorrow, and I am listening to the breathtaking silence. The girls are asleep, and I am alone. In celebration of half as many people around I have mopped the floor and done a little tidying, but I am done for today. My friend Judith babysat the girls today so I could go out to a new restaurant with my cousin, and I ate until my head fell off, and then we went book shopping. I'm still rationalizing the part where I bought Women's Costume and Patterns 1600-1930. Because it's necessary. The book of holy cars and the book of children's poetry are obvious, good buys, but the costume history... a little less so.

Listen to that quiet. Nathaniel is up until just before I go to bed now, and Geoff and I have very little quiet adult time. This is amazing and I can feel even my skin relaxing.

I'll putter and clean a little more tomorrow, before I haul the girls to Mass with me, but the rest of the evening is dedicated to lying around and being very very quiet.

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