Monday, August 18, 2014

Whoa in general

In spite of a night with four wakeups I am functional and relatively calm, and it is not yet ten and I have laundry on, bread baking, children fed, I've read a story book and looked through part of the nature encyclopedia (Mim likes zebras). I had leftover Indian takeout for breakfast. That is splendid.

Today we have banking and maybe buying some vegetables, and in the afternoon someone is watching the girls (I think) and I'm going to take the boys on a long journey to the Lego store. Nat will count the money he earned by cat sitting and we will have a math lesson counting out the five dollars that he's going to take. The idea is to buy some of the interesting pieces- more hinges and joints and chains and things.

Miriam is drawing in a workbook and I think Nat's getting dressed, and everything is fairly peaceful. Our friend Alicia is staying overnight, doing a course in Toronto, and she'll be here at dinner. So lovely.

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