Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First Day of School

Of course Elizabeth decided to get up at six twenty-three. She's testing my resolve. Hah! No screen time for you, toddler! Have some construction paper and do fun drawings instead!
Cute isn't getting you anywhere, kid.
I am bleary and tired and I should call several retirement home today and the house is a mess and I feel like I ought to be baking bread even though it's really hot and the fridge needs organizing and and and. Urgh. Still, I have a nice pile of books I'm going to read from, we had an excellent homeschool day yesterday, with lots of read alouds and learning about the North, and when the other children were in bed Geoff did ten minutes of Khan Academy with Nathaniel, and I think Nat did fifteen or twenty minutes of independent reading on Raz Kids. 

Oh! And our friend Rowan, who works for a publishing company, brought over a bin full of books for us, so we have those to go through today. There were a bunch of Batman and Superman board books that I can use with Thomas for letter identification.And another terrifying Inuit legend. I think everyone dies.Very cheerful.

I should find our copy of Story of the World, since we're ostensibly using that as a history spine, combined with basically moving into the Royal Ontario Museum.

I've just made a pot of tea with three teabags in it, and set a timer so I don't forget it until it's undrinkable. It should be nearly as caffeinated as coffee. I think I should take up drinking coffee.

So, we begin the school year again with insufficient sleep, loud early waking toddlers, mess, and a resolution to actually sit down and do table top work at least three times a week. Wish us luck.

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Anonymous said...

So basically like any normal mother on the first day? I remember Brandi & Brandon on the first day of school, twins. That was rather exciting, but I would give anything to be in your very place. You are very blessed in the tiniest ways, my dear friend. So much love and goodness ij your life, taken one step at a time.
You have much to he thankful for, although sometimes the blessings feel like rheumatism!
You have my suppourt, as much as I can give.