Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I only punched the wall once yesterday

In spite of Miriam painting herself with butter and throwing baklava and using the knobs on the kitchen drawer to climb up onto the counter. And my mother calling with inchoate anxiety and not being able to find Thomas's reading book and getting not enough sleep and having to call a bunch of retirement homes. Starting cost, $4000 a month, folks! But I only punched the wall after I found five pounds of frozen food sitting beside the freezer, thawed and unusable.

We survived yesterday, and we did reading and history and free play, and God willing today we'll do some math, and I'll locate Thomas's book and start purging. The inside of my head is ping-ponging between worrying about my parents, thinking about retirement homes, trying to figure out if we need a nanny so I can find a home and then pack the house, trying to figure out how we're going to fit into their house, wondering what the children are screeching about, thinking about their education, planning dinner, and wondering if they'll all notice if I just go to bed.

Today I need to bake coffee cake for breakfast, find the books, and practice deep breathing.

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