Monday, September 08, 2014

Guilt Free Learning Notes

Sept 1- no screen time all morning. Read about eight board books plus ten pages of nursery rhymes. Talked about the legends about Qalupalit, and about the Inuit women's parka called an amauti, for baby carrying. Looked at where the Inuit live and told the kids about hunting and eating seal and polar bear. Blew everyone's minds telling them about how the sun doesn't set at the North Pole in summer. Nat is unconvinced. Watched a video about the Qalupalit, which are Inuit monsters that live under the ice and steal children in the spring. Nat did Khan Academy and Raz Kids at night, maybe ten minutes worth of each. 

This is a pretty creepy book

Sept 2- read Nathaniel Willy to the girls, read a bit about passenger pigeons to Nat and Thomas. Pointed out where settlers came from and why the pigeons are all gone. Play date and free play, lots of Lego.

Sept 3- Miriam vomiting. Beatrix Potter videos all day after reading a few picture books. Nat did Khan in quiet time at night, I think with Geoff.

While I was on the phone Miriam covered her whole body in butter

Sept 4- read about Cronus eating his children, read two versions of Cinderella and talked about similar stories. The French Cinderella and the Micmaq version called Burnt Face that I heard from a storyteller when i was little. Explained about dew and condensation, or tried to, when we walked past a patch of grass. Tried The Reading Lesson with Thomas but didn't get anywhere. We had a park day during the morning, which was really nice.

Sept 5- read James and the Purple Stranger aloud, plus about Zeus and Hephaestus and Aphrodite and Eros and Ares. Plus legend of Io. Watched Beatrix Potter and Wild Kratts. Looked up the D'Aulaires and started talking to Nat about the Norse people, we looked up where they lived. Told him and Thomas that Viking means sea voyage. Read a little about Odin and Nat put it together that if Wednesday is Wodensday then Thursday is Thor's Day. Looked up Friday, it's Friggasday.

Talked a little about people in Central Asia making flatbread because it cooks quickly and fuel is scarce. Not a lot of interest from the kids. Watched Where The Hell is Matt and told the kids a little about some of the countries he visited. Good homeschool day.

Sept 7- it's a Sunday, so didn't do much, but in the evening Nat flipped through an Eyewitness book about the animal kingdom and we read parts together and talked about the spine and amphibians and reptiles and the different parts of an insect and how some lizards squirt blood out of the eyes. Nat, "That is nasty". After we read the first chapter of The Story of the World, about nomads and the Fertile Crescent and the invention of agriculture, and Nat really liked it and asked that we keep reading it, as well as plugging away at The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.  Of course we'll do both. Should do some Khan Academy with him tomorrow.

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