Friday, September 05, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: No Clever Title Edition

1. I keep thinking of the quote from Sunshine, "I rearranged the hip-high piles of books to be read immediately", especially when I'm rearranging our hip-high piles. I'm still supposed to read Gun, Germs, and Steel, and Ender's Game, and a whole bunch of others, but I'm stuck in re-read mode right now and new books aren't happening.

2. The inside of my head is still filled with lists and the mental game of Tetris that is trying to, in my mind, make the six of us fit into my parents' house. Our itinerary runs something like- find them a retirement home, pack them up, move them in, go through a resettling period where we gradually get rid of anything we don't want to keep in the house there, have a house inspector come in to look for obvious bad things, fix those, purge and pack our house, move. I'm thinking before Christmas, but I'm also thinking that maybe I am crazy, since while doing that we'll still be educating and generally managing our extremely busy household and theoretically educating our children.

3. Kidding! I was highly educational yesterday. We read about five really gruesome Greek myths, so that next time we go to the museum I can say, "Hey, look! That's Cronos! He ate his children, remember, kids?" I'm also thinking I want a few books on Native myths beside the really creepy Inuit legends (thank you, Rowan) about human-eating werewolves and mind control shrimp. I am not making that up, and if you come over I can show you the book.

4. A few weeks ago, when I took the boys to the Lego store, they had their first ever gelato. They got chocolate and vanilla, which is boring, but I got lemon and chocolate hazelnut, so I won. We were walking through the very large very fancy mall, and Nat looked around, and said wonderingly, "What IS this place?"
"It's a mall", I said.

"A MALL? Really? I've never been to a mall before".

Poor deprived children. Actually they have, but usually on the way through to a subway station or something. My parents used to go to various malls as a family activity, and we don't do that because we don't have a car, and shopping for fun is a concept that doesn't fit into Geoff's head. He hates crowds, shopping, and having the children in chaotic environments. No malls. This is fine with me.

5. Today is the end of our first week of homeschooling. Well, for this year. First week was really hard, but not for educational reasons. Lack of sleep, illness, broken glasses, stress. We've still done a lot of reading and writing practice, and some math, and some history. So it's a win so far. I'm sure I'll be in the Slough of Despond by February but right now it's rosy.

6. Okay, I have made a list of three more retirement homes to look at, and now I am trying to figure out how many of them I'll have to tour with all the children. I am thinking I will get time off Purgatory for taking the kids on a tour of retirement homes using public transit, because this is either going to be very expensive in kid bribes, horrible, or both.

No matter where you are in our house, our tea cosy is watching you, and waiting for her moment. We've had people actually unable to identify where the teapot is because our tea cosy fails to register as anything to do with tea.

Bonus 8th take- we've read out loud for an hour. I read the E. Nesbit story James and the Purple Dragon (which is very long and no pictures) and about five Greek myths, and some Robert Munsch. I'm now putting on the tv so I have time to make calls and Thomas and Nat can do their logic and math games online. I hate making phone calls, too. This will be full of excitement. 


Anne Kennedy said...

That tea cosy is extraordinary, I'm searching about for the right word and can't find it.
Prayers for the perfect retirement home.

lissla lissar said...

Thank you!

Our friend and former housemate Stuart bought the tea cosy, and named her Cosette. No matter where you are in the house, she is watching....