Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Still plugging along

Generally, and with life. I am really enjoying the Fall weather, I am feeling guilty about the lack of seat work with Thomas, and then pointing out firmly to myself that he's only four. Still, we may trace one or two letters today to salve my conscience. Farmer's markets and small trips and a return to the homeschool drop in. I think I'll be very brave and take the girls as well next week, if the stars align. It will be more hair-raising but if we do some reading and quiet things in the morning I should be up to it. I am a little astonished about the science and history that I've been doing with Nat, when I take the time to write it down. It's in tiny little increments usually, but it just seems very advanced for first grade. Not bragging, I'm just surprised.

Today we have friends coming for dinner, and we were out at the market yesterday, so I think we'll stay home and putter and I'll bake bread. The girls got up at the relentless hour of six again, so I've broken the no screen time rule so I can have some relative quiet, although the tv will go off after this one movie/mother's cup of tea/dishwasher unloading time...

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