Sunday, October 12, 2014

Guilt Free Learning Notes

On vacation at home, with my aunt
We've been on vacation. Well, pretty much. It's been a crazy week, week and a half. My aunt and uncle from Vancouver have been here, there have been many appointments and things for my mother, we've worked on getting in-house occasional care set up (may not work out). Plus I got sick and put my back out last Wednesday. So formal learning has been at a minimum. During the last week and a half we've been to the museum again, and actually got to the geology/mineralogy part without toddlers destroying anything.
The weekend was nearly a complete blur, but we recently got a copy of The Barefoot Book of Poetry, which is fantastically beautiful, and Geoff's Dad and stepmom visited on Sunday afternoon and Nathaniel, of whom I am very proud, read them Jabberwocky out of it. He did an excellent job. I'm trying to read at least one poem aloud from it every day, but things have been pretty crazy, and I haven't always succeeded. We've definitely read milly and molly and mandy and Jabberwocky and Fern Hill and parts of The Stolen Child, and everyone listened to The Tale of Custard the Dragon a couple of days ago.

Monday was my birthday, and a special trip for the girls- Randy and Lorraine, my inlaws, took them to the Toronto Aquarium to see all the fishies! They came home with a large and a small penguin each, because everything comes in mother and baby sets in their world.
Tuesday we went to the park in the morning, and in the afternoon my uncle Dennis babysat while Lynn and I went to my parents' house to set up an in home caregiver. 
Elizabeth in the park
Wednesday was a psychiatrist's appointment about my mother and my uncle babysitting again, Thursday was boys out in the morning, and then a park visit, and then me putting my back out, which meant Friday was spent lying down and being irritated and watching a lot of videos. I think the boys went out to an indoor playground in the afternoon with my aunt. We got in some Story of the World and some Khan Academy a couple of times with Nat, and Thomas showed he can count to seven at least, which makes me happy. Stuart and Cynthia and Lynn were all here at dinner, and I think they made and cleaned up everything as I lay around on the couch drinking wine and hot cider with rum in it.
Waffle French toast
Yesterday, which was Saturday, I still couldn't walk much, and we had a zoo trip planned, but after some quick consultation my aunt and uncle vanished with all the children to the Science Centre and didn't come back for six hours. Geoff and I had six hours alone at home. We had uninterrupted conversations! It was bliss. The kids rode the escalators and watched an Omnimax movie about underwater life and I understand both Nat and Thomas got to play with a plasma ball. So it's been low on formal learning but mostly very high on fun and outside time, which is wonderful, because soon we plunge into November and winter, and it won't be nice again outside until spring.

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