Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We scooted off to the museum this morning to give Geoff space to make phone calls about Employment Insurance and job training. It was a successful outing.
Ready to go, little Vikings?

Nat pretending to be a teenager



I wish I could have gone to see this. So interesting.
There was going to be an awesome lecture about ancient textiles, but the chances of making, and keeping, the kids interested in the lecture were nil, so I didn't go. Sad.

Joan of Arc


Nat trying to use a fire drill

We actually made it into the First Nations section today, which was awesome, because there were volunteers with snowshoes and a fire drill and pieces of beadwork. I'm sorry to say the reason Nat was willing was that horrible song from Peter Pan, What Makes the Red Man Red? which is awful. But on the way home we had a further history lesson about how the Native people actually look like my Dad, and about the Beothuk using grease and ochre as decoration, and how Columbus got lost. And Nat didn't actually start a fire using a fire drill so we're safe.

All in all, a triumph. And when we got home Geoff had already made us lunch so I didn't do my usual fling-goldfish-and-baby-carrots-for-lunch post trip routine. Brilliant.

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