Thursday, October 02, 2014

Nathaniel, Guardian of the Galaxy

He decided spontaneously that his new superhero name is Starlord. No, he hasn't seen the movie. No, he may not see the movie until he's fifteen at least. Yes, he is becoming familiar with the sound track but the sound track is cool, all right?

We're off to the museum with the nanny in an hour, and then the kids come home and I head out to meet an Occupational Therapist and then visit my parents' house. I feel looming dread but I will drink four cups of tea and not forget to eat breakfast and it will be fine. Because while we're gone the house cleaner will magically make the house clean.

Between nanny and house cleaner and groceries for parents and unexpected fast food I'm feeling like we're hemorrhaging money. Can't be helped, though.

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