Saturday, October 25, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Job Loss and Authors Edition

1. As I posted before, Geoff got laid off. His last day is Tuesday, and after that he's free to slave at home with me until he does job training or the severance runs out or something. So we're planning more cheap family trips and time at home and general fun things. Along with looking for a job, of course. So prayers would be nice. We have options and we're making plans, but right now I'm grateful that Geoff will be home for a month or two .

2. Last week we had Nat's diabetes clinic, but I didn't put up any pictures.
The hat is for easy identification

Waiting room and screens

Cafeteria with toy train
3. I haven't been doing the Guilt Free Learning Notes, and I feel (hah!) extremely guilty about it. But things have been pretty overwhelming here, full of appointments and illness and me putting my back out and houseguests and things, and there hasn't been time or energy. I've gotten all the kids hooked on Owl at Home, and I just found two more of the Church Mouse books at my parents' house, so we've been reading them. Nathaniel and I just started Farmer Boy, and I hope we'll make it through all the way. We've read some poetry, and we've talked about the way certain music makes us feel.

 I'm hoping to take the boys to Into the Woods when it comes out at Christmas, and to prepare for that we'll be reading all the fairy tales and watching parts of the musical.We haven't been doing penmanship, but I recently looked up some of the books I've heard Nat reading aloud, and they're grade 3-4 reading level, so I feel fairly smug about that.

Thomas is continuing to play with numbers and ask about letters, so we move slowly but surely onto reading readiness. I'm so glad. This will be fun.

4. Last Sunday my friend Judith's husband, Stephen, who works for the CBC, asked me if I'd like to come down and see Marilynne Robinson interviewed, and maybe come up with some questions to ask her. After they scraped me off the ceiling I said YES I'D LIKE TO COME. I went with my parents' minister's wife (sand longtime friend and another huge Robinson fan) Deborah, and we argued genially about which of us got to be shy and hide behind the other one. I think she won. I think she did more hiding.

It was a small boardroom interview, and fairly brief, but they used a bunch of the questions that Geoff and I came up with together, and her answers were fascinating. In person she's reserved, patient, and warm. She's pretty clearly being dragged around promoting her book and would like to be at home teaching and writing, but she answered all the questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, And she signed our books and I got to ask her questions about Calvinism and about quantum mechanics, and it was completely wonderful. I wanted to drag her out and keep talking but I think she's flying to London or somewhere else, and also I'm too shy to ask wrong and unnerving questions like, "Famous person! CAN I TAKE YOU TO THE PUB SO WE CAN TALK?" even though I would love, LOVE, to do it. I'm going to find out if that interview will be posted online, because I want Geoff to see it. I love her deep understanding of the Incarnation and her belief in the holiness of people. I can't encapsulate it now, but I might write another post on it later.

Me, Marilynne, and Deborah

5. Today is food shopping and at home puttering. I'm hoping the babysitter will come around ten so Geoff and I can go out shopping and return in decent time. I'm still having fits about the tension between food that people are willing to eat and food that is nutritious, but this is a lifelong battle. Right now it's coupled with my general stress and weird desire not to cook because of that stress. What I'd really like is to provide one or fewer than one home cooked meal a day, and two other meals of People Kibble, shoveled out from a large sack.

6. I'm still waiting to hear back from CCAC about whether my mother is eligible for a nursing home. I'm fairly certain she isn't, but I'm waiting. Geoff will check on Mum and Dad today. I had a dream last night that Mum was talking intelligently and lucidly to me- that I had my mother as she was back. I miss her a lot.

7. And... I think I'm out of ideas, so go see Jen!

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Oh Lissla, I'm sorry to hear about the job loss. It is good that he gets severance. And YAY on meeting the author!

But overall