Thursday, October 09, 2014

Still here, in pain

My aunt is here till next Tuesday, and we've been to see the geriatric psych and he's confirmed that Mum really needs to be in care. It was really interesting seeing how the disparate symptoms we were describing were coming together into a clear clinical picture for him.

So we did that yesterday, and yesterday I also acquired a head cold and put my back out, yay. A little better today but I dreamed of Brede Abbey crossed with Doctor Who all night and couldn't breathe through my nose, which was fairly miserable. Still, I am right now less upset about Mum, because I have solid confirmation for our plans.

Homeschooling has become looser, as it tends to during visits and illness and catastrophes, but we still manage reading, and both Thomas and Miriam are narrating books more often, We continue to watch videos by They Might Be Giants about blood flow and mitosis, and Nathaniel and I are locked in argument about whether inventors and scientists need to learn math (I'm right).

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