Saturday, November 22, 2014

Big Exciting Trip!

We took a big, exciting, whole-family trip to see friends out of the city, and to go to a living history turn of the century village. It was a splendid day.
Look at their excitement!

Playing with friends

It was a village, with a number of houses, shops, and a little church. We visited a traditional Mennonite home, a Scottish house preparing for Hogmanay, the blacksmith's, the butcher's and a few other places. Oh, the tailor/postmaster's. It was a homeschooling day, so we got in for a grand total of $5.00. 

And the railroad

Using a pump for water. So cool
I was a little saddened by how my kids don't have any real background for knowing about settlers' lives, and I'm trying to remedy that. Geoff and I were talking about it on the way home, how our interests are so different. He thought the village was interesting, but I was fascinated, because I've been fascinated by historical living and technological differences since I was quite small. So I didn't feel as overwhelmed by information. I recognised lots of the old-fashioned tools, and could talk about the way the rise of catalogues overwhelmed local business, or preserving for winter. I'm a history nerd. I was about ready to move in to one of those houses. I wanted to tinker with the stoves.

Ride in a horse drawn wagon! With bells!

Still riding!

The butcher's. They had Heinz ketchup for sale on the shelves, as one of the products.

See? Ketchup.

Scottish cabin

Blacksmith's shop, with a blacksmith working

He was also the farrier

A whole day spent with friends and horses and blacksmiths and snow. A very successful day, and one that's inspiring me to add local history to our overwhelmingly science-and-robots focused home life.

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