Monday, November 24, 2014

Birthday Alley

It's nearly Advent. That means, in my not-very-functional head, that it's nearly Christmas. And right after Christmas starts what I call Birthday Alley, which is eight families birthdays in three months. I only have to do a big party for three of them- Geoff's birthday is included in the lineup, but he'd usually rather be shot than do anything for his birthday. Still, one kid party per month, following directly after Christmas and New Year's.

Our schedule is actually, Christmas, our anniversary, New Year's, Geoff's stepmother's birthday, Nat's birthday, my mother's birthday. And then a breather before February.

Time to start hyperventilating while trying to remember that Adevent is a beautiful, peaceful time of anticipation of the birth of our Lord. And right after, Doctor Who and Minecraft and cake. For months.

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