Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas shopping for kids

We went Christmas shopping for the kids yesterday at an extremely cool store full of extremely cool expensive toys. I managed to control the excesses of materialism by imagining myself picking up all the pieces of each toy every day. It had a remarkable effect on my normal spending.

First day of Advent and I'm wallowing in smugness because I think I've got most of the kids' Christmas shopping done. I feel slightly lost, actually, without the crazy scramble for things. I have within me, battling, my actual ethos of child-present-giving, which is based on "They have too many toys anyway, they're getting memberships" and my parents' family's tradition which is, "Make everyone feel very loved by getting them lots of expensive cool things whether they need them or not." It's really hard to shake the early conditioning and there's a part of me that feels very wrong to be grimly giving the kids each one nice present plus getting memberships to the ROM and Science Centre. but I will stick to my guns, and Not Inundate Us With Stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I think not-too-much stuff is a great lesson to learn as a kid. Your kids always seem to have fun with the toys and books they have (or borrow from the library) and learning that sometimes we don't get everything we want is definitely good later in life.