Sunday, November 16, 2014

Guilt Free Learning Notes: I'm not awake

This week didn't lots and lots of educational progress, but it had some. Lots of moments.On Monday and Saturday the boys went to the Royal Winter Fair. Monday was with Geoff's dad and stepmother, and yesterday was me, dragging them down, bulling through the crowds, and feeding them deep fried Mars Bars. On further thought, my visit with them probably doesn't count as educational. But the Monday visit was, because they saw cows being milked and got to feed and pet lots of animals and it was very interesting.

Hey, I guess my visit WAS educational, because Nat read some of the subway signs, and then later asked me wast 'sexy' means! Argh.
Foot long corn dogs

On the way back we looked up tesseract, which I only know because of A Wrinkle In Time, and the boys now know about because it features largely in The Avengers. It's a cube that's been cubed. Okay. Nat will always picture an Infinity Stone and I will always picture flying centaurs, but it's a mathematical construct.

We've read a lot of library picture books this week. I'm particularly taken with Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, and Nat's been reading an Eyewitness book about robots.  On the train back from Napanee last Sunday I told the boys (mostly Nat, Thomas was busy with a Transformer) the stories of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Little Mermaid. I'm pretty sure I've told both of those aloud before, but it's been a long time. The Little Mermaid is particularly good for long trips because its very long, if you put in all the detail about the points of daggers and the edges of knives, and the Sea Witch's garden, and how the Mermaid could have stabbed the Prince in his heart and returned to the sea.

Nat was really sad that the Mermaid didn't get the Prince. She does in the Disney version, but I like the original a lot better. I've been pointing out authors, so I told him (them) that a lot of the stories we really like are by Hans Christian Andersen, who lived a hundred and fifty years ago, and wrote The Ugly Duckling and The Steadfast Tin Soldier and The Little Match Girl.
Geoff relaxing under all our children
I've advanced to New Kingdom with Nat, in history, after a hiatus. We were pushing through Story of the World too quickly, and we needed time to digest. I'm hoping we can make it through a few more chapters before Christmas, because it would be nice to start connecting the Greek parts to the Greek myths that the kids know.

Let's see- this is very scattered, because I'm still not back to keeping my normal learning notes, but we've also talked about protein formation in scabs, looked up how bacteria turns yogurt into milk, and made lots of cinnamon buns together. Actually, it's a bacteria conversation week, because we also talked about how freezing and cold temperatures retard bacterial growth, and why we need to keep the fridge closed.

We're transitioning sadly into the all-indoors time of year, and I hope for lots more reading and lots more crafts and experiments while we wait for spring and release back into the outdoors.

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