Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I wish I'd had Youtube when I was little

I could have learned even more weird things in my spare time when I was supposed to be doing homework. I've just looked up how to set the twist in the yarn I'm spinning. I notice there's also instructions on flint knapping. It makes me want to plunge backwards into all my teenage hobbies and loves- Ojibway, beadwork, wild edibles. I think I only really have time for the spinning right now.

Today I need to actually get something accomplished. Yesterday Geoff and I were both sick, and it was a celebration of candy and the most recent Muppets movies all day. I guess we kept everyone alive, and fed them something,  but it feels like a hollow victory. Nat and I also continued our ongoing conversation about Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster, and I explained (after he was disappointed by a video) that the monster was probably not bolted together, in spite of lots of illustrations. It was actually made up of pieces of dead people stolen from graves, and probably sewn or sutured. Do you know what suturing is, darling?

We have cheerful conversations.

The most recent Muppet movies are actually pretty good. I was surprised and pleased. We're raising our children in the fine tradition of loving everything we're nostalgic about ourselves. Muppets are great. Fraggle Rock, sadly, has lost its glamour.

Only Elizabeth and I are awake, and I'm thinking about the trip to Napanee this weekend, and the long term care facility I couldn't get through to yesterday. I want to do a tour, but I think, since it's part of a huge conglomerate and doesn't have a separate line, the best thing would be to go down there and ask to book a tour. It's about half an hour's walk away. I'm thinking about a Fun Family Trip- we could walk down, and hit the library and the greengrocer on the way back.

As soon as Geoff gets up I'll appall him with the suggestion.

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