Thursday, November 20, 2014


Insomnia till one, sleeping with Elizabeth (who didn't want to sleep so much as tell me stories and pretend to snore and look around and say, "It really DARK, Mommy!" from one till six thirty, PMS.

But today I will do an actual Advent craft and possibly get some of the fifty five loads of laundry put away and I will feed people things and since Geoff has already read at least one story aloud to the kids, we're okay for Focusing On The Kids Time.

I am drinking coffee. I royally hate coffee. A lot.

Pray for me, now and at the hour of my death (i.e. now).

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Anonymous said...

So, sympathy would result in a "snort" from me if I was in your state, so, just saying that you are doing the best you know how. Keep going, when in hell, run faster; you get out quicker that way.