Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Still not awake

Miriam's had three night running of hour-long night terror and then resettling time. So I'm a little blurry. Today's the first real cold day, and I think we'll stay in. I'm trying to come up with a day full of fun homeschooling activities that are zeros effort or mess, and so far I've got: I Could Make Amaretto Sours and then Drink Them. Probably not a great idea. I also have, Treasure Hunt, Play Dough, and Let's All Clean the Floor Together!

The transition back to inside time is always hard. I'm trying to remember what we did all last winter, but my memory is that what we did was throw up and watch TV, all winter. Somehow Nathaniel still learned to read. Oh, and we did the Greek myths. So we were classical homeschoolers who mostly watch TV.

What I want to do is start endlessly fretting at Christmas- presents, activities, decorating. Not DOING any of it, but starting to plan, because the planning makes it feel under control. And that leads me into worry and guilt about trying to control my life, and not trusting in God, and then I end up curled up in a chair eating chocolate and trying to ignore the children, re-reading a stupid fantasy novel.

In spite of the planning and fretting, I predict: we won't have Advent candles. We will have the Advent calendars, and I will almost always remember every morning to do them. We will get to a carol service. We won't get to midnight Mass. We will do stockings and there will be food. I will have a minor nervous breakdown about how Christmas should be better. It will still be okay, and as long as we skip the ice storm/stomach flu/hospitalizations plus make it to Mass it will be perfectly fine.

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