Monday, November 10, 2014

We had a good trip to Napanee

Aside from Thomas locking the bathroom door so no one could get in, and doing it somehow from the outside, and hitting the panic button and calling the police, and mashing his finger in a folding table. And Nat pouring an entire box of fish food into my MiL's fish tank. If you've ever wondered, a whole box of fish food, left in the water for 12 hours, starts to smell strongly like rotting beans. And then it gets worse.

That was the room I got to sleep in.

But we're home now, and it's time to try to plan food for six people for the week. This is going to be grim. Last week we basically ate the same two things over and over in different forms, because I was too depressed to cook much, and had tons of homemade mac'n'cheese and chili kicking around. This week I actually need to cook, because feeding my family terrible or monotonous food makes me more depressed. So, onward, and checking last week's meal list- shakshouka, ratatouille, spaghetti bolognese, cauliflower cheese, tacos. Okay. We need to do some grocery shopping.


Anonymous said...

If you're trying Smitten Kitchen's cauliflower cheese, I can attest that it's amazing. If not, well, you should try her recipe. :-)


lissla lissar said...

Duly noted. I'll try it. Love cauliflower. I love cheese.