Saturday, December 06, 2014

Cheese pie and failed yogurt

So, it would have been good to use something other than honey to sweeten the yogurt before I cultured it. Because, I'm sure you know, honey is ANTIBACTERIAL. Sigh. Well, I've made it into lot and lots of cake and muffins and the children fell upon and devoured, so it's okay. Also I have Greek cheese pie for my own lunch, and sausage for dinner.

St. Nicholas visited last night, so my children are replete with chocolate and oranges, and right now I've pinned them down with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer so I can have a few minutes of peace before folding all the laundry and running around frantically cleaning up all the kids' candy wrappers and orange peels.

Trying to be grateful for the way they all play together now. It's starting to be nice having a tribe. They all play on their own, or with the others, sometimes even quietly, although the quiet tends to mean someone is 'cleaning' the mirror with toothpaste again, or Nat is making weird snacks in the kitchen. I did not prevent him from eating a banana dipped in sweet and sour sauce, but my soul died inside me a little bit.

I can feel Christmas crashing down on us, but it seems much more okay this year. We have parties to go to and family to visit, and we have many many presents already purchased. Plus I'm actually managing to do Advent this year. I have a paper chain and everything. So at this moment, full of preparation and cheese and peace. I'll just go get another slice of pie and pretend the living room isn't completely crazy and there aren't four loads of laundry to put away, and instead bask in the warm glow of actually doing the Advent readings and getting almost an entire night's sleep.


Anne Kennedy said...

St. Nicholas brought marbles to us and turns out they play with them all together. Weird. And children keep saying, "I lost my marbles!" which is so wonderful. Cheese pie sounds wonderful.

lissla lissar said...

That IS wonderful, Anne. I almost want to buy the children marbles so I can hear them saying that, but I don't know the Heimlech and there's a 98% chance that Miriam will swallow at least one.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahahaha! The honey-yogurt story made me laugh out loud. (I refuse to use an acronym for said action.) I can totally imagine doing that myself.