Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Christmas baking

Today we had an enormously exciting day meeting new friends and going out for lunch and to the ROM, and I will put pictures up as soon as I figure out why the computer isn't recognizing my phone. Because yesterday was so big I think tomorrow is an at-home day, and I think we should start the Christmas baking.

Yesterday we made maple brittle. It was super complicated, because I had to boil maple syrup for ten minutes and then pour in into a pan. I'm thinking I should maybe do a brittle that's half sugar half maple syrup, with possibly... hazelnuts? Or pecans? Not almonds unless I roast them.

We also have cookie cutters, if I can find them, so we should make cookies.

And chocolate pretzel bark. Oooh, we could make toffee chocolate pretzel bark.

And chocolate caramel crack, from Smitten Kitchen.

So, are there any other requests? We could branch out into the oreo truffles again, or make crackers or pita chips. What are other people making for Christmas presents? Also, is my above list insane?


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about popcorn drizzled with dark chocolate and sea salt. Angie's makes some and it's amazing but seems like it should be super simple to make at home and waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than buying it. http://shop.angiespopcorn.com/Holidrizzle-Dark-Chocolatier-Sea-Salt/p/AKC-000130&c=AngiesKettleCorn@Holidrizzle
I may make a batch of that to put in xmas-themed bags for my work team. Also, I like to make rosemary maple walnuts or garlic almonds and put them into a festive jar.

lissla lissar said...

I've done chocolate popcorn and it's great. I wish I could afford to do lots and lots of pure maple syrup brittle, but it's getting pricey.