Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Urgent Now

Neighbours found Mum outside and wandering wearing sandals and not enough cold weather gear last night and brought her back, only to find that Dad had locked the door. I understand they banged on the door until Dad came down and unlocked. Dad locks doors habitually and gets really mad if prevented, so I think if Mum gets out again the chances of him locking her out are very good. I called the CCAC crisis line and told them the urgency had become even... urgent-er, and detailed the situation. I expect a call from them in an hour or two. We can't leave Mum at home another night. The crisis that we tried very hard to avoid is here.

Geoff slept over at Mum and Dad's, and this morning at six-thirty prevented Mum from leaving in sandals again. It's -10C with windchill outside. I'm waiting for word from the psych and the CCAC and drinking coffee, which I hate, but Miriam was restless all night except for a stretch between one and four. So coffee it is, followed by a pot of tea. The children are watching Veggie Tales and I am trying to hold it together while I wait.

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