Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Today I will do All The Things!

No I won't. Thank You God for another whole week before Christmas. Today I need to buy toffee bits to make pretzel toffee bark (because last night Nathaniel ruined my homemade toffee and also caught hell about it, so I give up on painstakingly handmaking it) and take the boys to the toy shop to spend Christmas present money and do laundry and start meal planning for the hordes that will fall upon us next week...

I feel like every couple of weeks I go out and buy a boatload of food with a really specific plan and then get it all home and it unravels in my mind into a heap of disparate unusable ingredients and leaves me with the overwhelming desire to give up and just eat Cheetos or something, although Geoff says that Cheetos aren't actually a food, they're a packing material. If you don't mind the thing you're packing arriving fluorescent orange.

I should also book tour to two more delightful LTC facilities for Mum, since all of them have turned us down because it says AGGRESSIVE on her file, which is not true and I am speaking to her psych for backup about this.

Today I will speak to my children kindly and firmly about NOT EATING THE CANDY WE'RE MAKING FOR PRESENTS and remind them about the JOY OF GIVING. I expect there will be considerable friction.

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