Sunday, January 11, 2015

Guilt Free Learning Notes Link Up

In spite of my resolution to definitely schedule a lot of sit down homeschool time after Epiphany, it hasn't happened. Crises with Mum, emotional exhaustion, tiredness. But we made it to the Science Centre on Monday,

 and I've managed to increase the reading aloud a decent amount. Plus, Geoff and Nat have retarted hot checkers games plus explanations of strategy, and Nat and I finished Farmer Boy and we started Little House in the Big Woods. Nat was floored to learn that Almanzo and Laura Wilder were real people, and we can learn about their history and maybe one day visit their houses. Every chapter or so we pause to look something up, something Nat doesn't have context for. Last night it was pictures of muskrats. The day before it was a video of cracking whips, because I was trying to explain the sound.

Looking at a steam engine
They've been a wonderfully immersive approach to history. When we started Little House last night I was explaining that there really was a time where forests stretched across a lot of the land and there were very few people. And as we finished Farmer Boy there were lots of conversations about how much Almanzo is expected to do, and how responsible he is. We're working on instituting regular chores for all the kids (well, not the girls so much) and it's a great example to have ready. Living books for the win.

For this week we have a birthday to celebrate and a birthday party to plan, and I have promised another visit to the Science Centre, possibly with homeschooling friends. I'm also going to re-institute some table time, to start Thomas off on more phonics and I hope get him closer to reading. My friend Melanie recommended doing something like table time, computer time, and couch time-reading/writing/math at the table, Starfall and Khan Academy on the computer, and then read-alouds on the couch. Working on more couch time and starting a regular sit down and write time- phonics for Thomas and copywork for Nathaniel. We'll see how it goes.

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