Wednesday, January 14, 2015


We read Fern Hill last night for the girls' bedtime story, and Elizabeth liked it so much she took it to bed. We haven't been reading The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems that much, but we've been reading bits and pieces of my A. A. Milne collection and watching Much Ado About Nothing, which we finished last night. The kids mostly really enjoyed it, and they were easily able to pick out the bad guy by his scowl. There was great excitement about everyone getting married at the end.

After we finished I put on the St. Crispin's Day Speech by Branagh (again), and pointed out that it was the guy who played Benedick. They tolerated it with me explaining what was actually happening, ("They're all scared because the French have a lot more soldiers, but the King is saying they're all lucky to be fighting together...") I keep force feeding them poetry and good books. I also keep thinking about the basic position we're trying to communicate by example: everything is interesting. The world is marvelous and complicated and weird and full of beauty. And you have to love Dylan Thomas and T. S. Eliot or Mommy will disown you.

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