Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Museum again

Geoff and I took all the kids to the Royal Ontario Museum again today. And we just upgraded our membership so now we can bring up to six children and four adults. Perfect. The museum is one of my happy places.
Little tiny stroller Dalek

We had a whole quartet of Daleks

Elevator dancing

We headed to the Africa and South America exhibit first, because if we do the history first we're likely to actually do it. If we start in Natural History we never leave. The children were very impatient but I was relentlessly educational, and kept telling them about the artifacts and the countries they were from. I got a tiny bit of interest about the shrunken head, which, I pointed out, was an actual head, shrunken, but aside from that they were fractious and demanding.

Elephant ivory carving

Beadwork from Africa. Can't remember the country

I really liked this Mexican loom. I want to find someone to come over and work on weaving with me. Although that will probably mean a lot of me screaming. It's still fascinating.

Fun Mexican outfit. I like the hat

Elizabeth and Mesopotamian panel
We all tried to remember the words to the They Might Be Giants song, but we couldn't get all of them. I hope knowing "Sargon! Hammurabi! Ashurbanipal and Gilgamesh!", having those words etched into their psyches, will be deeply helpful to them somehow. Probably not.

Persian horse tack

Model Indian temples in gilt and silver

Nat is unimpressed with Persia
We headed out to Ancient Egypt after the kids were clearly on the edge of a breakdown from boredom, and found a couple of volunteers with artifacts we could handle and look at. They told us about the making of papyrus, and had actual papyrus, both the paper and the plant. And decorative scarabs covered in hieroglyphics. So very cool. And I got to hold and look at a shard of pottery that was five thousand years old.

We eventually let the kids go play in the kids' section, and also visited the dinosaurs and had lunch and played with some other children. It was a very good visit. We only had to chase Miriam and bring her back four or five times, 

Me, Mim, and a painted buffalo hide
We left when a thousand school groups flooded in and it got really busy. The ideal time to visit the ROM is on a weekday morning. If you can be there at ten, when it opens, it's perfect. No one there. Solitude and ancient artifacts- doesn't get better that that.

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