Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Nat keeps telling me that since he's a scientist he's only really interested in machines. I keep trying to convince him to drop the nearly-teenage attitude, and also that he really is an engineer, if that's the case. Not a general scientist. Also he wants to go to the Nerd School from Big Hero 6, which unfortunately doesn't exist yet. Maybe we can find him something similar. Today he was regretting the immense amount of time that has to pass before he's old enough to build anything significant. I told him that he doesn't have to wait. I need to point out again that he needs to explore the principles of mechanics some more, and maybe take out the copy of The New Way Things Work and leave it around pointedly. I may be letting myself in for finding him soldering things, a la Richard Feynman, whom I think was a rotten child to have to parent.

Thomas is pointing out letters and drawing them. Hallelujah! I will eventually be able to teach him to read! He's doing phonics nearly every day, and the girls sit with him and pay attention, which is a little terrifying because I wouldn't be surprised if Miriam decides she's had enough of not decoding and learns to read by four or something, thus launching her career, nay, diabolical plan, of world domination. Elizabeth will be her evil little henchwoman and co-conspirator.

So we putter along, and I hardly even shouted at them today, so I'm probably making great strides towards holiness and patience, and I will probably hardly shout at Nat to do his writing practice or Thomas to stop watching Word Girl and instead return to phonics. And someday maybe I'll even approach the level of okay with life where I actually do a craft with them. But don't hold your breath.

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