Saturday, March 14, 2015

Getting into routine

I haven't been keeping exhaustive notes, but I notice that we're finally sliding back into a routine for school. I make the kids get up by eight, we have breakfast (veeeeeeerrrry slooooowly) and then Thomas does phonics and math on Starfall, and I sit Nat down and do letter practice and copywork and math. Before this, if I am lucky, I have read a Bible story out loud. After Nat's done he and Thomas are allowed to play coolmathgames for about an hour together, barring fights, while I get dressed and unload the dishwasher and clean up from breakfast. The girls generally hang around the computer when Thomas is doing his stuff. I bet they'll start picking up on some letters within a year.

Miriam call the contraption "Mama's Dragon"
I've noticed that if I sit down at the table with my junk- sewing or jewelry or spinning- the children will spend more time drawing and creating at the table. I get a LOT more drawing out of Thomas if I'm right there and accessible. And his drawing is improving a lot.

We've spent the last seven years in the groove of 'trip in the morning, quiet in the afternoon', but that's gradually shifting as we start doing more sit down work. It's easier on all of us if we can get the school out of the way in the morning and then go out later. By the time we get back I'm usually much too tired to make anyone sit and practice academics. Better to have free play and creation. And lots and lots of cartoons. Lots. Plus endless Lego.

This week I read some Greek myths to the girls, and we talked about constellations a bit. Nat has been very into time machines, and seems to be getting more interested in the nuts and bolts of machines. I need to figure out more time to explore mechanics. Thomas has actively started seeking out letters and asking me about them, and 'reading' aloud books that he's memorized, and his memory is quite good for someone who was mostly uninterested in books a year ago. He still won't put up with poetry much but he's fine with storybooks. And yesterday I got a bunch of thrift store books, including an Usborne Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece, and a DK Medieval life, so I'm going to be reading aloud from them and trying to anchor them to the Greek myths and the trips to the ROM. 

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