Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Glory Hallelujah for sleep

Because I slept, today my goal is to make it clean enough here that when we leave and then return over Maundy Thursday/Good Friday, I do not come back into the house and collapse with grief about how dirty and awful everything is. I don't know if it's possible to make our house clean, but by gum I will TRY, in spite of children who will require me to sit with them for math and copywork and need to eat at fifteen minute intervals.

And then take those same children and run them around very fast at the park until they all collapse into meek obedient little piles of quiet and docile. Hah! That never happens.

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Anonymous said...

A sneaky thought... Ever think to homemake some chamomile candy drops? Reduce some chamomile tea, use this to maie simple syrup. I just thought of it and it may help you out. Idk if you want the bother with candy but if some kind soul wants to attempt this and donate them, hey. The idea is out here on your blog. Hope i help.