Sunday, March 01, 2015

I am not twenty anymore

I went out to a goth night at a club last night, for the first time in eight years. It was a lot of fun, and very much like stepping into a time machine and travelling back to 2005.

This is not me
I am sore today. Also very tired. I am used to going to bed about ten, maybe ten-thirty. Anyway, it was like a time machine because everyone else there was also over thirty, and the music was pretty much EXACTLY the same as what we danced to ten years ago, give or take. Although I don't remember anyone ever dancing un-ironically to Marilyn Manson, to be honest. I did the Chicken Dance to Depeche Mode because, hey, it lends itself to the Chicken Dance.

I used to go goth clubbing a lot. Goth clubs are full of people in extreme outfits thrashing around violently to very loud music. This beats the vanishingly small number of normal clubs I've been to hollow, because in the normal clubs I've been to, everyone clutches a drink and bobs slowly up and down. I like thrashing around. And I like low cover, no one getting irritatingly close, perfectly fine to go and buy one drink and then dance for hours places. And if you wear earplugs you don't even go deaf, which is a big bonus.

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